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Fine-Pitch Adapter

Our rigid needle adapters for assembled and bare substrates allow the inspection of the finest test structures and test point distances, resulting in optimized layout, greater test density and lower production costs.


Thanks to a very long service life and to maintenance work that is carried out independently and in a short time, only low maintenance costs arise.

Under optimal conditions, up to 500,000 contactings can be achieved with the rigid needles. The wear of the rigid needle (flattening of the tip) is mainly dependent on the applied spring force and the material to be contacted.

Sirius-Technoloy for functional tests

Due to the precise needle guidance and the small lateral play, even the finest structures can be tapped on assembled substrates. For Sirius-adapters, the needles protrude vertically from the adapter, with a minimal lateral play, by which the test points can be realized even smaller and can be contacted even closer to components. Only with the reduction of the test point area from ø0.8mm to ø0.2mm, can the required test point area be reduced by 16 times.

Short delivery times

We are happy to help you solve your challenges. Thanks to optimal internal procedures, our own drilling software and the close cooperation between all involved departments, it is possible to achieve delivery times of as little as three weeks.

Our Adapters

Adapters for functional and incircuit tests

Unique possibilities for the function test

By reducing the test point from commercially available ø0.8mm to ø0.12mm, the pure test area can be reduced by 45 times. Such small test points can also be set much easier by the layout man. It is now possible to increase the test depth by means of further tappable signals, for example by directly contacting on open conductor tracks.

Advantages of the 2 stroke adapters

The 2-stroke adapter offers the great advantage that, with the feed hub, the substrate is supported stably by the push rod without exerting force on the substrate. The contacting force is applied to the substrate only via the contacting stroke of the rigid needles. As a result, a deformation of the substrate, which may occur with the 1-stroke adapter, is avoided.

Micro structures under the hot test

MicroContact's rigid needle adapters have been designed so that they can still contact perfectly even at 150°C. Due to the adapter expansion, a substrate-dependent, minimally larger test area is defined during the hot test. This adapter technology has stood the test of time in 24-hour operation in the automotive industry and is technically mature.

Adapter for bare board tests

In the bare board test, test points with a diameter of 40μm can be contacted with pitch distances of about 80μm. In this case, more than 450 test points/cm2 can be resolved. Sensitive surfaces can also be contacted.



Plug adapter

MCA-ST plug adapter for the connection of micro plug
The MCA-ST plug adapter allows the direct connection of fine-pole connectors on circuit carriers or jumpers. The adapter is guided over the connector housing, which overcomes the tolerances of carrier and mounting.

MCA ST o Possibilities:
  • Contacting directly to the plug contacts
  • Contact pad >150μm (guided via housing)
  • Contact pitch > 250µm
  • More than 300 test points/cm2
  • Contacting force from 0.6N to 0.8N per test point

With the MCA-ST a wide variety of plugs can be contacted and provide the user with a long service life due to the minimal wear of the adaptation. The plugs or the adapter are positioned to one another via the connector housing or via a PRS.

MCA ST HDMI Steckeradapter 5 weiss Steckeradapter 3 weiss
Contacting of HDMI plugs Contacting of different USB plugs Contacting of board-to-board plugs

Adapter for external systems

Adapters from MicroContact can also be installed in external systems. Please contact us to define the interfaces.



  • Contacting on micro vias, small test pads, micro plugs etc.
  • Contact pad > 100µm (Centering via PRS)
  • Contact pitch > 400µm
  • More than 100 test points/cm2
  • Contacting force from 0,8N to 1,5N per test point

Your contact person
Andreas Trapletti
+41 62 285 80 11
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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